2010 Hankibun established

Shipping finance seminar, KSA
Financial restructuring seminar, CFO Academy
Distressed asset management and sales for KDB, Shinhan Bank, Suhyup Bank, Shinhan Capital and KEB Capital
- Two VLCCs(HK and Dubai), a Panamax(HK), six chemical tankers(Middle East, India and China), three RO-ROs(Singapore) and a Supramax(India)

OPEX auditing and crew management of three RO-ROs for Shinhan Capital
SPC administration and auction management of VLCCs for Suhyup Bank and other clients
OPEX auditing of a chemical tanker for Shinhan Bank

Asset management and auction management for Shinhan Bank and other clients
CI changed to Interocean MS
Paid-in capital increased
OPEX auditing of a Supramax and a Cape for Woori Bank
Sales administration of a Supramax arrested at Chennai, India for Shinhan Bank
Risk management and loan recovery seminar, K-Sure
Ship finance consulting for four newbuilding bulk carriers
Marine Money seminar on the risk management of marine assets and maritime loan recovery, co-presented with MTI Network

Mortgage-backed NPL investments on four refrigerated carriers, KDB Capital
Purchase of Panocean rehabilitation debt arranged for a hedge fund
VLCC auction in Dubai and dividend settlement for Suhyup Bank

Asset management and public sales of Panamaxes in HK and Singapore for Hana Bank and other clients
Auction management of a Handy in Singapore for Shinhan Bank
2016 Valuation of companies under court management, restructuring planning and
management of private equity (restructuring) funds(PEF)
2017 The withdrawal of funds from resources diplomacy,
Main reservation to disposition of overseas investment assets, Governmental Construction