InterOceanMS is a Korean unique company in restructuring, debt collection, and management of overseas investment assets. In the past 10 years, we have been entrusted with many difficult tasks of financial institutions, including banks and state-run investment firms, and thus have shown success in producing successful results. In particular, the shipping, shipbuilding, and marine equipment industries have shown a remarkable performance.   We are pioneering and evolving the blue ocean into a structure of ocean banking. As we are able to develop financial structures that fit the characteristics of individual projects of shipbuilding, marine equipment, port equipment and shipping businesses, Our Clients are able to carry on a business they couldn't do before.

In particular, we have a lot of experience and results in the normalization of businesses that face a management crisis. InterOceanMS offers a variety of ways to help the company restructure its operations, including mergers, divisions, withdrawals from the business unit, support for DIP finance and collection of non-performing loans, and an investment.

  Based on our global capabilities, we specialize in marine businesses and legal issues that help businesses and financial institutions manage to resolve international disputes. We are excellent at performing our post-business-delegation task delegation, including negotiations with around 50 Legal Firm Networks and on-site solutions, overseas business disputes, debt recovery, and asset stabilization.